In response to the challenges that small and medium enterprises face in Botswana, the Government of Botswana and Anglo American, Debswana and De Beers have established a partnership to implement a 3-year Enterprise Development Programme, called Tokafala.

Tokafala builds on Anglo American’s extensive experience and successes in enterprise development, tailored to the specific Botswana context. It aims to promote economic development and employment creation in Botswana by catalyzing the growth of micro, small and medium companies (SMMEs). It is aligned with the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s EDD strategy of economic diversification in Botswana and the poverty eradication plans in the office of the president. Tokafala is an enterprise development program that aims to strengthen the ecosystem in which local SMMEs operate, so that these business can grow and become employers.

The program builds on existing programs around the globe but within a specific Botswana context and as such is unique in its approach, from the way it allows entrepreneurs to self-select themselves based on their commitment to the way it delivers support. Key elements of the program design include:


Tailored intervention

Provide longer-term individualized support (advisory, mentoring,funding) addressing SMEs' key challenges, allowing them to grow.


Market driven

Focus on those businesses that have market potential to grow and become employers


Rigorous filtering

Ensure selection of highly motivated and competent SMEs' that show continuous commitment to receive ongoing support.


Utilizing the mining sector.

Given the significant procurement power of the mining sector in Botswana, Tokafala seeks to leverage this as a driver for SME development and diversification, through its strategic link with Debswana and DeBeers.

Institutional collaboration

Build upon existing government programmes, complement the current offering of select initiatives, link enterprises to existing government enterprise development programmes and ensure better alignment.

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