Sales and Marketing


IntroductionThis section introduces the 4 Ps of marketing, price,
promotion, place and product, covered in more detail in the rest of this

Product ThumbThis section deals with the most important of the 4 Ps, product. This submodule introduces the growth-share matrix, which you can use to analyze your product mix in determining your ideal product mix.
Price ThumbThis section explores the second P in the marketing mix, Price. You will learn the range of factors that will help you make the best decision about setting prices for your products so that you can optimize your profits.
Place thumbThis section will teach you about “place”: where you to choose sell and distribute your products or services.
Promotion ThumbThis section explores the various ways you can promote your products and services and how to analyze which is the most appropriate options for your business.
Customer Service
Service ThumbThis section goes over the concept of customer service and how making your business to be more customer-friendly can drive sales and make your business more successful