Introduction to the Strategic Plan
Strategic ThumbThis section provides an overview of the Strategy module as well as describes the key elements of the Strategic Plan, which you will explore further in subsequent sections.
Mission, Vision, Values
MVV ThumbThis section goes over the process to determine your company’s mission, values, and vision, which together are a key compass for defining the direction of your business and confronting any challenges that lay ahead in the best way possible.
Porter Analysis
Porter ThumbThis section brings you through the process of conducting a Porter Analysis for your sector or industry so that you can understand how your business is influenced by external forces that are beyond your control.
SWOT Analysis
SWOT ThumbThis section explains the SWOT Analysis tool that will help you analyze internal and external factors that impact your business. It will guide you to develop a strategy to make the most of the opportunities and strengths of your business, and minimize weaknesses and threats so your business succeeds.
Critical Success Factors
Success ThumbThis section helps you identify the critical success factors of your business, which will help you make decisions and allocate the resources of your organization (financial resources, materials, people and time) to where they are most useful.
Objectives and Indicators
Objectives ThumbThis section builds on the work you have already done (defining mission, vision and values, and analyzing the internal and external factors that influence the success of your business) to identify the concrete activities that your company needs to execute to achieve your mission and vision.
Strategic Map
Strategic Map ThumbOnce you have determined where you want your company to go and what objectives you have to reach to get there, it is important to document this into a Strategic Map which you can use as a guide and to communicate to your employees. This section will show you how to create a Strategic Map that details the history of the strategy and shows how the company will realize its vision through concrete objectives.
Implementation Plan
Implementation ThumbWhile the Strategic Map shows how you will reach your mission and vision, it is important to develop an implementation plan which is a management tool for planning, monitoring and controlling the implementation of activities needed to realize the objectives and targets of the strategic plan. This section leads you through the process of creating an implementation plan and the suggested ways to organize follow up so you can be sure you reach your objectives.