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How to apply

Applying to Tokafala is simple:


  • Step 1: You fill out an application form and submit it to us together with the last 12 months’ financial statements (accountant or bank). The more detailed and specific you are on your application, the better we can determine how to help you
  • Step 2: Once we have reviewed your application and have assessed you meet the basic requirements, you will be invited to explain your motivation and your business needs to us in a personal interview and/ or diagnostic
  • Step 3: We will communicate your acceptance and will sign an agreement that covers what will be expected of you, what you can expect of us as well as a confidentiality clause.

Tokafala takes your business and its proprietary information very serious. We will not share any information about your business with 3rd parties without your explicit approval and we will always treat any information and ideas confidential and with the highest professional standards