Tokafala Botswana

About the program

The Tokafala Program focuses on helping existing micro, small and medium enterprises in Botswana to grow their businesses. For entrepreneurs looking to develop their company, Tokafala offers the following support:


Personalized business mentoring and advisory support tailored to the specific needs of the enterprise

Help clients evaluate their financing needs, building financial models and preparing loan applications

Market access support, helping enterprises establishing linkages to potential buyers


The program will run for a minimum of 3 years (2104-2016) and aims to support up to 900 Small, Medium and Micro (SMME) businesses in that time.

How to benefit from the Tokafala program?


Your company growth is our motivation: Tokafala offers you effective business support tailored to the specific development needs of your enterprise.

Experienced business advisors work individually with each company. Companies only need to bring commitment, motivation and a vision of how to grow the business.