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What is the objective of Tokafala?

Tokafala aims to overcome the challenges micro, small and medium enterprises face in Botswana in establishing commercially viable businesses in order to promote economic development and stimulate employment creation in Botswana.


Who are the Tokafala partners?

The Tokafala Programme is a partnership between the Goverment of Botswana, Anglo American, DeBeers and Debswana. Tokafala is implemented by TechnoServe.


Which support does Tokafala provide?

Please visit our Tokafala Program page to learn more about the support Tokafala offers.


How is Tokafala different than existing enterprise development programmes? How will it create value?

Rigorous filtering of entrepreneurs to ensure the selection of highly motivated and competent SMEs that show continuous commitment to receive on-going support;

Tokafala provides comprehensive, longer-term mentoring support that is tailored to the specific development needs of each enterprise and is complemented by support in accessing funding

Linkage of SMEs to up- and downstream business opportunities within the program partners and over time other strategic partners to facilitate market access;

Institutional collaboration: building upon existing government programmes, and collaborating with other strategic partners (e.g., financial institutions, private companies, other enterprise development organizations)


Who is eligible to participate in Tokafala?

The Tokafala Programme is open to enterprises from most sectors, assuming they fulfil a set of minimum requirements. Please visit our Who Can Apply page  to learn more about these requirements.


What is the difference between advisory and mentoring support?

Advisory support focuses on supporting micro and small businesses in developing a broad set of business skills and identifying the key improvement opportunities while mentoring focuses on the actual implementation of a specific sub set of identified improvement opportunities for more established small and medium sized businesses. See for more details the Our Services page.


Does Tokafala have specific application deadlines? 

The Tokafala programme is a 3-year programme that accepts applications on an on-going basis. Please contact the Tokafala team to receive more information on the different types of support provided.  


Where does Tokafala operate?

Currently Tokafala operates in Gaborone and in 2015 it will start operating in Francistown However, Tokafala is open to work with anybody that is motivated and can work out the logistics of meeting our mentors at least twice a month