Tokafala Botswana

Our Services

Tokafala offers several services, all aimed at empowering entrepreneurs with the right financial and business skills to run a growing business. We have split into several offerings, depending on your business’ individual needs



Mentoring support:
this is tailor-made 1:1 mentoring support for small and medium size businesses (BWP 100,000 to BWP 20,000,000 yearly turnover). The content of the mentorship will be needs driven, but could focus on topics like: financial literacy, financial planning and forecasting, operations optimization, marketing & promotion and/ or HR related issues. Tokafala accepts mentoring clients on a continuous basis and typically the support will cover 4-5 hours per month over a period of 6 to 9 months, based on the specific needs of the business.


Advisory support:
this is fixed 4- month program, specifically for micro and small businesses (up to BWP 5,000,000 yearly turnover) that require support on most or all general business areas. The program consists of 4 full-day workshop that are mandatory in attendance, each followed by 1:1 sessions with an experienced mentor to help you think how the lessons learnt apply to your business. Topics that are covered in the workshops include:

What are the best growth opportunities for my business

How do I manage my business’ finances through growth

How can I access markets to sell my products and services better

How to bring it all together into a comprehensive and consistent growth strategy

At the end of the 4 month period the clients are asked to submit an updated business plan that encompasses all that was learned. The most promising business plans will be selected for an additional 5 months of 1:1 mentorship. Start dates of new advisory cycles will be announced on the website or can be provided by contacting our offices


Financing support:
Tokafala does currently not have any funding capacity in the program. However, we realize financing is often a key element to realize business growth. For those clients that have been enrolled in the Mentoring or Advisory program for a while and that we believe are not only in need of but also ready for financing, we will help with preparing and submitting applications to existing financial institutions. This can include (depending on need):

Financial modeling and forecasting

Loan application preparation

Identification of suitable sources of financing

Business plan assumption testing


Market access:

Tokafala aims to utilize its link to the mining industry to drive market access. Although contracts with Debswana can not be guaranteed, our support will help you improve your positioning and bidding capabilities while at the same time help you raise your profile at large organizations.