Tokafala Botswana


Given Botswana’s focus on economic diversification, Tokafala is not the only program that is active in the entrepreneurship development space. Other organizations - include NGO’s, government organizations and private sector – all participate in this arena.


However, rather than seeing each other as competition, the mentality that Tokafala has encountered in very much one of cooperation, where each parties tries to define its own niche and is willing to work with others to provide other parts of the support puzzle.

This collaborative atmosphere has results to date in formal and informal partnership agreements with CDE, the Botswana Innovation Hub, the Botswana National Youth Council, the Chamber of Mines Business Development Forum (COMBDF), CEDA and several commercial banks

If your organizations is interested in partnering with Tokafala to promote the development of entrepreneurship in Botswana, we look forward to hearing from you. For our contact details please see the Contact us page